Activities of Anti Corruption Council Of India

  • The promotion and dissemination of information between NGOs so that extremely effective partnerships are developed.
  • To provide a Legal Justice for People|Human Rights|Constitutional Rights|Anti Crrupption Matters etc and central point for networking access.The use of electronic networking and file cases in Lower Court|High Court| Supreme court Of India on Behalf of public Intrest Litigation (PIL) capabilities to further strengthen the bonds between community organizations and to boost the reservoir Constitutional Rights
  • To build up the Pan India network|Association |Voluntear of PSCI| and awarness|Convince to people with the help of Our |member|partner|President Chiarman advice|State President|Block President|Distt President|National President Or core Group ( which is now PSCI increased 50,000 association In Bihar UP and Delhi) programme for Leading or selection of good governace|Like Chief Minister|Prime Minister| MP|MLA of grassroots NGOs by providing free resources online via a singular platform.
  • To serve FREE LEGAL ADVICE, FILING CASES,FIGHTS FOR OUR MEMBER IN THE COURT| hELP TO Dalit|paswan|Weaker class OBC| grassroots organizations, burgeoning charities and research entities.
  • The Fights for currupted people|POLICE| Govt Employee| and complaint against such people, and sharing of ideas among different investigation agency,CBI/Inteligence Beauro|Media|Patrakar| and other related NGOs and entities.
  • Provide free and easy access to a wide variety of informational sources.
  • To provide the appropriate levels of contact for funding agencies so that they can select the best organization to work with.



ACCI also work against all type of Crime to make our country care free & safe. ACCI workers are devoted to do something respected work for their own country. We take urgent step for all type of Crime such like Child labor, Bonded labor, Women protection, Hu


To Protection of Human Rights of the Every poor, weaker, Dalit people and disadvantage section of the society. ACCI provide provide assistance on Human Rights specialy SC/ST,